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This section of our blog is designed to answer all those questions that we dads and mothers ask about education and the upbringing of our children: swimming for babies, tantrums ...

12  Reasons to start your baby in swimming

According to Dr. Santiago García-Tornel, of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Barcelona (Spain), "stimulating the baby at an early age and in a suitable environment is important and very beneficial for his health".


The benefits of swimming for babies are:

1.- Increase the corporal ability.

2.- Stimulates the self-knowledge of the body.

3.- Stimulates the sense of touch.

4.- Enriches the motor experiences of children.

5.- Help improve muscle tone.

6.- Strengthens the respiratory capacity.

7.- Teach to adapt to changes.

8.- Increase the resistance.

9.- It helps them to relax.

10.- Stimulates the conscience and the ability to get out of difficulties.

11.- They gain in security and confidence.

12.- Strengthens the bond between the father and / or the mother and the baby.

Children's tantrums

Child tantrums are a state of impatience and anger typical of young children, especially in the second year of life.There are many causes that can unleash a tantrum. The most commons are:

1.- Call attention.

2.- Want something you do not have.

3.- Try to prove your Independence.

4.- Internal frustration.

5.- To be jealous of someone, a brother for example.


A very good technique that you can carry out at home, is the so-called "Bottle of calm for children." We show you in the next video how to do it.

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